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Gems Games BUSTED

You are a cat burglar and you need to steal all the gems. Be careful and avoid the cops. The main gem is very hard to take so be fast and be smart, dezactivate the levers and hurry up to finish before the time runs out.

Diamond Mine

Gems Games Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine is an excitig classic gems game. Match three or more gems to score points. Try to score as much points u can, but be careful and watch the clock.



Diamonds is a classic gems game. Match the gems to earn as much points as you can. If you want to play more games you can try building games online for fun! Learn how to construct new things.

Diamond Valley


Diamond Valley, is an classic gems game. Match the gems to the ones that are locked to destroy them and pass the level. Try to get a higher score to make new records.

Gem Mine

Gems Games Gem Mine

Combine three or more gems to detonate them. The bigger the group, the bigger the score. At the end of the level the more empty lines you have the higher your level bonuses are.

Jewel Mania

Gems Games Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania is a gem game with fish, sanils and scallops. Match three gems to remove them and get points. Turn the screen yellow to pass the level. The joker will remove all the gems of the same kind and bombs will clear the gems close to them.

Jewel of Atlantis

Gems Games Jewel of Atlantis

Play this gems game in the lost world of Atlantis. Small jewels are detonators and can't be moved, but you can make combination of three gems with them. When all the detonators are destroyed, the level will be complete and you will proceed to the next one.

Jewel Quest

Gems Games Jewel Quest

Move the gems to match three of a kind. Turn all the spaces to gold to finish the level. Move the gems and make combinations fast because the time is limited.

Jewels 3D

Gems Games Jewels 3D

Play the classic gems game but in 3D. Fill the treasure chest with gems to complete the level. When the level is completed, gems will be mixed to start a new level. Make the highest score !

Jewels Gear

Gems Games Jewels Gear

This is an more advanced gems game. You will need to rotate the bord to match the gems and solve the puzzle. Try to complete the level with as less moves as you can.

Mina's Jewelry Shop

Gems Games Mina's Jewelry Shop

Help Mina with her gems in her jewelry shop. Drag the correct hems in to her bag and drag the bag to the correct buyer. Try to score as much points as you can and finish the level.

Mine solver

Gems Games Mine Solver

Mine solver is a different gem game. Move all the gems to the indicated places to finish the level. The game difficulty will become very hard as you increase in the game. Use your brain to finish all the levels. Good Luck !

Pimp my grill

Gems Games Pimp my Grill

Choose your favorite homey and play the game. Fill the bling-o-meter and pimp your homey grill. If you want you can pimp your own character. Pimp their smile !


Gems Games Poonsy

Poonsy is an more complex gems game. You have to collect the gems and bring them to the base, and dodge the creatures. Avoid the obstacles and collect all the gems that you can.

Rome Puzzle

Gems Games Rome Puzzle

Build your city by combining three or more gems together. Your objective is to break the blue gems and finish the level. Get as much resources you can to build your city.

Sea Treasure Match

Gems Games Sea Treasure Match

Match the gems to reveal the sea treasure. Get three or more of the same gems together to blow them. Match bombs with like-colored gems to blast a 3x3 block and match the lightning with like-colored gems to clear 7 random gems, dynamite to blow 8 surrounding gems, and hourglass to add 60 seconds on the clock.

The Jewel Hunter

Gems Games The Jewel Hunter

Get in the car and collect as many gems as you can. Avoid the snakes, cactuses and the rocks and do not crash the car. You must be very fast to collect the gems and avoid the obstacles.

The Queen Jewels

Gems Games The Queen Jewels

The Queen Jewel's is one of the most hard and complex of the gems games. Line up three or more gems. By clicking on the middle gem the gems will reshuffle but it will drain some of your gem power.

Treasure Hunt

Gems Games Treasure Hunt

Swap gems to create rows of three or more. Try to make the highest score out there.

Treasures of Montezuma

Gems Games Treasures of Montezuma

Swap adiacent gems to make a mach of three or more gems. Gems are attached to some of the tokens. Destroy the token to get the gem. To complete the level you must collect a certain number of gems. Collect them before the time runs out.

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